Hello, I am Sean, the creator of the mega-quite unfinished-ultimate-wiki that is the Nirvana Wiki.

For you curious people, my username is from Family Guy, a TV show which I am a big fan of.

Anyway, I discovered Nirvana several years ago. Didn't care for it much at first, and I was, for a major period of time, a fan of Detroit garage duo The White Stripes. But when the Stripes went on a long hiatus after Jack joined the Raconteurs, I felt as if my interest in music had just stopped. Getting a little dramatic here... but pretty soon, I got interested in Nirvana, and now look : a wiki. Come on. Seriously. A WIKI.

So here I am now. Feel free to leave me a message about the wiki. All of your questions and comments can go to me, or you can post them on the Forum or the Main Page Discussion Page.

~ Sean ~

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