In Utero-cover art

Scentless Apprentice is the second song on In Utero.


Like most babies smell like butter

His smell smells like no other

He was born scentless and senseless

He was born a scentless apprentice


Go Away! (x3)

Every wet nurse refused to feed him

Electrolytes smell like semen

I promise not to sell your purfumed secrets

There are countless formulas for pressing flowers


I lie in the soil and fertilize mushrooms

Leaking out gas fumes made into perfume

You can't fire me because I quit

Throw me in a fire I wont throw a fit

Go Away! (x7)


  • In With The Lights Out Box Set, there is a nine minute long demo of "Scentless Apprentice".
  • The band played a longer version, almost 10 minutes, at live shows.