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Mr. Moustache is a song released on Nirvana's first album, Bleach. According to Charles R. Cross, the title of the song was influenced by the jocks at Cobain's high school that grew thick mustaches to appear more "adult and manly". To Cobain, the mustache was a symbol of the kind of brain-deadened machismo he'd come to hate in schoolmates and townsfolk for their weight throwing and elite strongarming. Before the recording of the song, Kurt made a comic coming to depict the embodiment of the distasteful overt macho machismo he had seen, as a mustached man observing his pregnant wife expresses his wishes for his child to be a "real man who plays football, eats meat, and isn't a faggot homo", before his baby kicks out of his mother's womb and gorily kicks his face in.

Other inspirations are believed to come from Cobain observant of the early 1990s West Coast American weightlifting scene engaging in vegetarianism yet belittling in entitlement on those who still ate meat as a means of imposing egotistic superiority and elitism.

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