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Big Cheese is the twelth song on the album Bleach.

Information[edit | edit source]

"Big Cheese" was a song written by Kurt Cobain during 1989 and was written about the president of Sub Pop records.

It was the B-Side to the single Love Buzz and the 12th track on Bleach.

Musically, the song is rather simple. The intro is the note F pulling off into the note E. The main riff uses power chords of the same notes and played in a similar fashion. The chorus is the power chord F# played about seven times and then G played twice.

While the song comes across as a kind of standard-issue anti-authority rant, with Cobain complaining about being sent to "the office" by the titular cheese, that cheese was, in fact, a real person - Jonathan Poneman of Sub Pop records. "I was expressing all the pressures that I felt from him at the time because he was being so judgemental about what we were recording," Cobain told Michael Azerrad in "Come As You Are."

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